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Icky diarrhea question

Jean in Newcastle

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Some fruits and vegetables (the less fermentable, low "FODMAP" types) might be okay.  


My daughter has digestive troubles, and this chart has been helpful.        The green column shows the foods that should be more tolerable. 



Has this person ever tried digestive enzymes taken with meals?    




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There is absolutely no way of knowing. ime, they will usually always have to limit, but may have some success figuring out which ones are the worst, is cooked better than raw, and so on. 




IBS-D is so person dependent I don't think you can apply something that holds true for one as for another. It's frustrating. But, if some food/drink is obviously causing problems to a person with IBS, I would suggest stopping immediately. It doesn't usually seem to go away by exposure, and if they continue the irritant it can lead from IBS to full out colitis.Then you have an even worse problem. 


For some people, when they're fine they're fine, and they can eat anything (except when there is a flare). For others, some things will always cause a problem. Fiber can be a definite enemy for IBS-D, in which case those foods you listed can cause a huge problem. OR it could be acid causing it. Or anything else, like stress, or allergies. They just don't know. Once you flare up, sometimes it doesn't matter what you eat- things have to calm back down which can take weeks, months, or years. It makes elimination diets tricker to figure out for sure. 


I've had IBS for 20 years now and it still is unpredictable. No elimination diet I have tried has yet to figure out any trigger that brings it on. But when it's here there are definite foods that make it much, much worse, and they all tend to be fruits and vegetables. I get extremely irritated at this point when people suggest I try to cut out certain foods- as if I never heard that suggestion before in the last two decades.  :glare:


Syndromes in general are hard to live with. You have the symptoms, but no one can pin down the cause. So you're a sitting duck for theories and helpful hints. Hope whoever that is feels better soon. It's such a pain to live with. 

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