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Should I buy a fermentation pot?


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1. Adore sauerkraut and consume about 3-5lb a week

2. Store stopped carrying my most favourite local sauerkraut

3. Bought cabbage

4. Started googling

5. Fermentation Pot??????


I didn't even know anything like this even existed!


Assuming I want to make my own sauerkrarut. Shoud invest in one?





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Ceramic. Burgundy color. Made in China.


I would be worried about lead and wouldn't buy it.


Nor would I. There is a Polish (or is it Czech...?) brand that is less expensive than the more popular German (both brand names escape me at the moment). Or if you know any potters you could maybe persuade one to make one for you. You could also just get a big jar and use an air lock, that's what we do here.

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Sure, why not? 


You can resurrect my old Fermentation Experimentation thread.


You might even inspire me to use mine. I bought it full of enthusiasm, the Life happened and apathy has been the name of the game since.


I have one very similar to the one you linked.

Have used it regularly. If you consume a fair amount of sauerkraut, it would be worth it and you will find plenty of other things you can ferment / culture as well.


Here is my latest recipe for inspiration:


1 head of cauliflower, washed and chopped

1 red bell pepper, seeded and cut lengthwise

2 carrots, chopped

1/2 white onion - any way you like it

8 cloves of garlic (cloves sliced in half)


Cover with water and at least 1 T sea salt

If you use a fermentation crock and it comes with weights, you place the weights on top of the veggies to keep them sumerged. Fill top rim with water.  Let ferment 2-3 weeks.

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What is so special about fermentation pots? I never knew those existed. I use mason jars. I am wondering if there is any particular reason to use those pots over mason jars.


I have used mason jars for years and they work fine. If you like to make larger quantities of the same recipe, the fermentation pot is nice. If you prefer to make smaller batches of different recipes, the mason jars will work better. One thing the fermentation pot has is a hollow rim. When the lid is placed on top of it, you fill this rim with water and it creates an airlock. You can buy special airlock lids for mason jars as well.

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