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Help understanding Language Arts/ English credit

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Next year starts my first year homeschooling a highschooler. Gulp.  I feel so confused in general.  But, my reason for this post is wondering for some clarification on language arts credits.  My dd will need 1 credit. So, what does that look like?  


If I do Rod and Staff 9 (grammar), a writing program (WWS 2 or IEW), and ??  Literature is a separate credit, correct?  How do I determine what is enough or to be counted as literature?  She may do BP for history which has a list for literature.  Does that count? Or would she need more?


It would help me to see what you use for Language Arts and  what you count as a credit.  What if I do a vocabulary program?  Just not sure how to count everything.



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No, typically literature is not a separate credit. A highschool English credit contains literature and composition ( and grammar and language mechanics remediation as needed)

I have never done a vocab program and don't consider it necessary. If you do one, include it in English

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I think it's pretty typical to group that all under English 9, 10, etc..  However, if your student is spending double the time for a typical class on this material, you could potentially give two credits.  One option I've seen that I'm using is to give a creative writing elective credit for the year my kids both took a very time-consuming omnibus class as well as a progymnasmata class.  That was what the teacher recommended doing.

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