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Visit the doctor or wait it out?

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My daughter fell down yesterday evening roller skating. She landed on her right side, but somehow wrenched her left shoulder. She's been complaining of pain ever since. She can move it, but complains when she does. It's not swollen nor is there any bruising. She iced it last night, and I made her use some heat this morning. I've been having her take Tylenol for the pain.


So, could it be serious without any external signs? She's a little bit dramatic, so I don't know if it's really hurt. We'd have to go to urgent care which has a larger copay than our regular doctor, but there is no way I could get her in until late this week at regular doc.

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Well, as the mom of a child who is still dealing with a shoulder injury from an ice skating fall almost 5 years ago, I say call the regular doctor and talk to the nurse to see about an anti inflamatory medication and make an appointment for the regular doctor.


My kiddo injured his shoulder then when it was weaker reinjured it rock climbing and has a small rotator cuff tear.

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