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X-Post: Looking for Online Classes That Aren't Too Rigorous

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Yes, I'm embarrassed to say on a WTM board, that I can't push rigor for this particular child. (Gotta teach the child you have.) DS14 will be a sophomore next year, and--in my never-ending quest to find classes that will interest and motivate him--I'm looking at trying online classes for a couple of subjects next year, probably math and science. Background: DS has ADHD/ASD and hates school. So getting him through high school is looking more and more like an exercise in checking boxes.


I'm going over the wonderful online class list on the general ed board now. But I was wondering if any SN parents have come across or used online classes that do a good job of covering material yet aren't overly demanding. DS is smart, but just not motivated where school is concerned. (I suspect he will find his motivation a little later in life as others in the wider family have done. I'm trying to pinpoint classes that will give him the maximum amount of education/foundation for that later date without making every class, every day an ongoing struggle.)


Anyone have experience with such classes to help me narrow my search? Thanks for reading.

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Online G3, if he doesn't mind younger kids. G3 was set up for gifted kids to be able to access high level content, but with lower output requirements, so it can be a good fit for a kid who needs a credit with minimal writing (and often the reading is a mix of book and a lot of neat supplements online. Video is commonly used). However, a teen focus class at G3 will be mostly 12-13 yr olds, and a non-teen focus class will often be 10-12 yr olds. Athena's Academy is starting to offer high school classes as well, but their average age is even younger (although there is a cadre of middle school kids that don't want to leave-I think that's the main reason why they're starting to offer more higher classes.). Again, their classes tend to be input and discussion based, with a lot of video options as well as text options. Assignments tend to be more creative and crafty, including Minecraft as an option for some classes, yet the books tend to be ones that you can list on a course description without qualms.



In both cases, the class will be lighter than a similar class, with a focus on engaging content, and there are (with the exception of classes with graded options) no tests or any grades. Feedback and gentle guidance, yes, but it is up to the parent to grade if they so desire.

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Thank you, dmmetler! I will check it out. I will continue working with him to try to push the quality/quantity of work in courses I do with him, but he overwhelms so easily that a high content/lower output online program sounds like it might be a good fit. I appreciate your help.

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Classes we've done:

Derek Owens - good rigor, but self-paced

Center for Lit (no writing option) - great at teaching literary analysis without requiring output

Teaching company lectures


classes on my list:

Online G3


Online Spanish Academy


Thank you, Julie. I appreciate the suggestions!

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For those suggesting G3, do you mind a follow-up question? I went to the website, and it looks like G3 courses are ungraded. Did I miss something? If you used if for high school, how did you handle the grade issue for your DC's transcript?

I don't use them, as stand alone, for high school.

But some classes, if I recall, have an optional writing element which makes them grade-able. Check the "teen focus" ones

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I'm going to use online 3g for my junior next year (first semester). She asked for a specific topic and they have a semester class on it. I will include it as part of other work as a credit, so will use my grade for the other work to cover the whole credit. Since it is something she specifically asked for, I am not worried about her blowing off the class.


I have run into this with other classes, the lack of a grade thing, and usually just bundle it in with graded things. Center for Lit (the option without the discussion forum posts) and Roy Speed's Shakespeare were both this way.


You could give a pass/ no pass grade, but there is some debate as to how that is looked at by colleges.

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