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Can you rec. great 9th grade reading list?

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My boys are in 9th grade in Sept. and I'm starting to freak out.


I'd love any suggestions for a solid reading list both for literature and historical fiction. (I learned so much about feudal Japan by reading Shogun -- I'd love to create that type of learning experience for my kids).


For that matter I learned a ton about the Rev. War by reading The Bastard series -- remember that? -- but I'm sure not handing them those books to read. (If you haven't read them, they should be rated R.) :rolleyes:


Also, they've done a bit of Latin, but nothing to really speak of. I'd love to do Spanish with them, but haven't found a curriculum that I like. Any recommendations would be awesome.


I feel good about math -- husband's dept. -- and writing -- my dept.-- but I feel weak on history, foreign language, and science.





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Have you seen the 9th grade planning thread


What are your state's graduation requirements as far as history, literature, and science? Are there certain subjects required and how many credits in each area?



We are doing Spanish 1 this year in 8th. It's been a struggle, but some life stuff has made all school difficult. We have been using Breaking the Spanish Barrier 1, but it's written for school classrooms with a Spanish teacher. It also goes very fast. It's more like the content in Spanish 1 and at least part of Spanish 2. I still had a computer program that I reinstalled, and ds likes it. So our plan for Spanish 1 & 2 is to do the following.


Visual Link Levels 1 & 2

Breaking the Barrier Spanish 1

Spanish readers by Blaine Ray

Easy Spanish    (will use this workbook some as well)






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