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Do you Americans have organisations like this?

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Your state governments don't have any small business departments or something?


We have http://www.business.vic.gov.au They'll help write a business plan, you can hire business coaches there and they run a lot of workshops each year at low or no cost.


We do have the SBA (Small Business Administration), and local Chamber of Commerce's sometimes have workshops and such. 


Here are some lists of charities/government agencies that assist in small business setups:






I don't know how easy they are to access or anything about them, honestly. 

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Yes, we do have small business help, but nothing like the one you posted, which seems to be trying to address the fact that sometimes women can't get loans to start businesses because they don't have assests to put up for collateral, is that right?


Mainly it is about developing a business plan and seeing it through. They do offer some micro loans, so the site says, but it is a small business school and a safe place to start networking, not Kiva.

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I want to know! Because I've been vaguely wondering for the past few weeks. You know how it is. 


Soror probably wants to know too. :)



Nothing so catchily named, but plenty of resources aimed at female entrepeneurs and/or helping females enter or reenter the workforce.


Lots of them would be at the state or local level. Some are government sponsored, some are via nonprofits. 

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I know there have been initiatives that specifically help women starting small businesses here in my not-a-state... but nothing so sleek and all encompassing as what Rosie posted.


One thing I've observed abroad is that often government initiatives and programs are advertised much better than ours are. Like, there will be ads telling you the law is changing or that such and such a program is happening - nice ads. Here... sometimes there are ads, but it's very pared down. Like, even just that website is nicer than many state government websites for programs of any kind here. So... I think such things exist, but maybe they're more patchwork and less utilized...


ETA: Adding an example... there's an arts grant here in my not-a-state that a friend got to work on her writing. It's a really cool, open-ended grant program that can be used for all kinds of purposes. Dh was involved in a theater that received one as well. But... it's also got the ugliest website, does almost no outreach so everyone I know who knows about it knows because of word of mouth, and has an application process that is beyond convoluted. I feel like that's often the case with state level programs in the US. They exist... but...

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 I feel like that's often the case with state level programs in the US. They exist... but...


It's probably the case anywhere people think the government are useless bums, lol.


I didn't know about Small Business Victoria and their cheap courses until I saw a brochure in an Indian take away shop in a rural town, of all places. I only found out about Global Sisters because they being hosted by an art gallery/co-op in a different rural town and I follow them on Facebook. I'm glad I did though. :)

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