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Apologia Physics DVD or Physics 101 DVD for supplement?

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My twins will be taking Apologia Physics next year, and I am wondering if a Dvd series would help them. They are taking Chemistry this year and my daughter is often frustrated with the math although she does figure it out. I am wondering if watching a video would make it a little easier for her to grasp. I cannot afford a online class. We are going to take DO precalculus next year, and that is already going to be a serious financial burden. Does anyone have any thoughts as to if the Apologia Dvds or Physics 101 dvd are very helpful? Thanks.

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Physics101 dvd has almost no math involved if I remember correctly. (I want to say it was without math and was just concepts, but in case there was one equation for a brief second, I'll just say almost no).   So it's not going to help any with trig values and any of that math in the apologia book.

However, it is a nice video to watch to put the "phun" in physics or to introduce concepts before going to a textbook like Apologia.  We enjoyed watching them.

I haven't used the apologia made videos to have any idea what they are like.(we just read the apologia text directly.)


ps. You may find something helpful for no cost on virtual homeschool co op with apologia physics that could be helpful.  I can't remember what the physics was like in that course to know to be more helpful.



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