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Who's going to tackle Saturday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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  • Get the kids up & out to horse camp.


Backup computer.

Check on Easter program at the science museum.  Go there if it fits the schedule.

AHG photos uploaded.

Let the kids swim?

Get audiobook for next middle school book club selection?

Install TurboTax on my computer for tomorrow.  Get started on what I can do in advance.


Clean house.

Do laundry.

Kids practice music.

Color eggs.

Kids assemble and hide sisters' baskets.


Kids to bed.



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Today my in laws are coming over for Passover.  So much to do, as I've been fighting allergies/cold and very low energy!



clean kitchen

Shop for last minute stuff

make brisket

make charoset (I think I'll ask someone else to do this since I don't want to breathe on all those apples!)

tidy and vacuum living room and dining room

set the table

keep cats from getting on the table

hopefully son who is flying down from Boston this a.m. will get here (I just texted him to make sure he doesn't miss his flight -which is has done on a couple of other occasions!)

eat our Passover meal

hang out with in laws

boil and color eggs

have a light supper

put up my feet for a bit before we go to Easter vigil tonight

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Good morning, ladies!  I have been fighting this low grade sore throat since Tuesday and it will just not go away.  Ugh.  Not sick enough to be confined to bed but not feeling 100 percent.  We have an appraiser coming this week so I have a lot of little things I want to get done to make the house look its best.


ETA:  April the Giraffe is really ruining my productivity....and then my son asked me to sew the belt loop on his baseball uniform (I haven't touched my sewing machine in 3 years and of course everything went wrong - bobbin, regular thread, needle broke)




-clean out master closet


-run dishwasher

-nag husband for the umpteenth time to get insurance quotes for oldest who gets his license next month (USAA quote was $6000/year, which is triple what we pay for the two of us)

-start cleaning out garage

-hose down lanai furniture

-give pool and hot tub a good scrubbing

-DH to take son to baseball tournament (I will miss because of the things that have to be done here)

-grocery store for items for side dish for tomorrow and Easter candy for kids

-assemble and bake side dish

-shower and pack

-get dog to kennel

-leave for aunt and uncle's house in Ft. Myers

-stop off at FGCU on the way so oldest can see the campus

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Good morning

- coffee- done

- meet dmil at egg hunt number one since dd2 stayed the night at their house last night- done

- meet dh at egg hunt number 2 (he's taking them to a third one)- done

- work (1p-10p)

While at work: study for OB exam, crochet some?

- fill plastic eggs and ready baskets- mostly done

- bed!!!!!

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Good morning! 


•finish hard boiling eggs for kids to dye 

•get Easter baskets out of storage

•print out a few gift certificates to go in Easter baskets

•ds & I are going to do a major cleanup of horse paddocks & get rid of the mucky hay that has been scattered around and then rained on

•sweep out tack room

•dh agreed we could use a bigger hay shed, so I need to contact Amish builders for a quote


•dinner: salad

•watch hockey

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Morning, all!


vacuum downstairs, dust

clean dining room table


library to return books

visit with my mom

pick up last minute stuff for Easter baskets

review week's budget

dinner: balsamic pork roast, mashed potatoes, asparagus, dessert?



Have a great day!

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Got the kids to horse camp relatively early this morning, hoping to ensure my eldest got to ride her favorite horse.  Yesterday was a rough day for horse riding - they gave my kid the most difficult horse who bit and kicked and wouldn't allow herself to be tacked up.  Teacher believes in making the kid keep trying without help in the face of much frustration.  Kid and teacher disagree on how much frustration should be allowed before help is provided.  :)  I wanted it to end on a higher note today.  :)


While the kids were at horse camp, I thought I'd take a short hike in the nearby national park.  My mind wandered and I lost track of which trail I was on.  :P  Got it all figured out, but the hike ended up being 2+ hours and in the rain.  :P  Well, at least it was good exercise.


Took the kids to the science museum.  They had some special programs related to eggs for Easter.  My kids did their first "egg drop" challenge.  I didn't help, just let them do their own thing based on their own ideas and what they saw others doing.  Well, they came up with some interesting ideas - one worked and one didn't.  :)  My non-academic kid really loved this project.  I always say, she likes science as long as there are no grades.  :)  We also watched an IMAX movie.


I gave the kids the option of whether to color eggs or not (my kids don't love hard-boiled eggs, so less is more).  They wanted to color white eggs, so I made them go buy the eggs and boil them.  They handled the coloring themselves outdoors, rather than worry about making a mess in the kitchen.  Then they assembled and hid the baskets.  I am lazy and I don't care!


I'm trying to get the house ready for out-of-town company coming Monday, and we're going to be out of town ourselves all day Sunday into Monday morning.  I'm trying to finish all the laundry tonight and get my computer ready to do my parents' and friends' taxes tomorrow.  I'm also battling a cold.  And worrying about work.  Add in a clogged toilet in my kids' bathroom, and you have a nice restful day.  :P  Honestly, it could be worse.  Mostly I'm stressed about not having time to turn around reports for clients who work on Monday.

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