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Handwriting Question


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I admit -- we do not have a formal handwriting curriculum/program.  My question is: do we need one?  


My son is turning 7 this summer and entering 2nd grade next year.  He did pre-K and Kindergarten at brick-and-mortar schools in our community but has been homeschooled for 1st grade.  His pre-K and K used HWOT to pretty good effect.  His handwriting now isn't perfect, but it's quite acceptable (I think).


IF you do use a separate handwriting curriculum, what do you use and how do you use it?  Or do you just integrate handwriting into other subjects (like copywork, which we do)?



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I used one for long enough to learn how to form the letters in manuscript, and then we did copywork.  And then I incorporated one for long enough to get letter formation and some basic practice at cursive, and now we're mostly just doing copywork (more dictation, actually, since he's older now.)


If you're not in the stage of "learning to form letters and needing some practice in them" for either cursive or manuscript then no, I don't think you'd need one.

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I tried a lot of stuff and waffled around. I finally decided on Spalding.


Don Potter has a free version of the manuscript.



I have students copy Alpha-Phonics which is a free Phonics curriculum. It introduces full sentences which contain just a few letters and then adds letters just a few at a time.



I hover as a student does each and EVERY letter correcting them immediately by saying the script for the letter.

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