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Latin for 3rd grader


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My daughter is finishing up 2nd grade, and our English grammar was kind of a bust this year. FLL had us bored to tears last year, and the other two grammar textbooks that I tried this year just really didn't work for us either.  She understands grammar easily enough, but I decided to just scrap it this year (we stopped about halfway through the year in our second attempt) and I'll try again next year. What I'm wondering is if I should introduce Latin next school year or wait until we've got our grammar foundation a bit more solidly underneath us. I am not sure how much detailed grammar terminology they need to know before being able to introduce Latin. I'm leaning toward Prima Latina at the moment, for whatever that's worth. And my plan for grammar is Michael Clay Thompson's Grammar Island. I'm also due to have a baby (our fourth) in the middle of August, and we're in the process of adopting as well. So I'm wondering if I'm biting off more than I can chew anyway- maybe starting Latin in 4th grade is just as good?


Any thoughts?



Thanks so much in advance!



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