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I promise, I've just spent hours upon hours reading Latin threads LOL


I have an rising accelerated 5th grader with no previous Latin experience. For a number of reasons, I think we could benefit from making Latin a core subject next year for both him and his rising 3rd grade sister (once I'm very sure we are done with phonics).


For the 5th grader, if the goal is to have him take classes from Lukeion starting in 1-2 years (we'll see how the maturity thing goes), what would you use now? Lively Latin? Looking at the first book I think he'd blow through it--which is fine--but the second should slow him down. Latin Alive? Henle?


Side note: I have no Latin experience so I'm asking now so I can spend the summer working through whatever we're going to go with.


Meanwhile, thinking about Lively Latin or LFC-A for my rising 3rd grader. Opinions welcome here as well.


Would prefer secular but I am willing to make do if needed.

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My dd used Getting Started With Latin in 4th, First Form Latin (Memoria Press) in 5th, Second Form Latin in 6th, and started Lukeion in 7th. The translation work in Wheelock's has been a challenge, but in a good way. A lot of the vocabulary is review (probably half) and all of the drill the Form series does with conjugating and declining really solidified the paradigms for her, which has given her more time each week to puzzle over the translation exercises.


The sequence worked very well for her.

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