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Any fun/unique/different recipes that have a little bit of ham as an ingredient? update in post #1


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Update: I appreciate all the great ideas!


I diced up some Krakus ham in my egg dish. Kind of lame, but I usually make it with bacon so it felt like it was special...and the same people who would have eaten it with bacon, ate it with ham. :D


HOWEVER...I had an idea inspired by the replies to make a hot artichoke dip with diced ham, that I'm going to make at the next available opportunity. If it is good, it might be on my Easter menu next year.


Thank you!




I'm the only one in my family that really likes ham. Others will eat it, but not enough to make it worthwhile to cook a large amount.


But since we always had ham on Easter when I was a child, I like to make something with ham.


I usually make a baked egg dish with diced ham and cheddar. Other times I've made ham and cheddar biscuits. I've also made twice baked potatoes with ham.


So...any ideas?


Edited: I should specify, I'm thinking of an appetizer or side dish to go with dinner or brunch

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My go to is to make ah gratin potatoes. I use a container of cottage cheese plus smoked gouda or other favorite cheeks grandstand mixed in, splash of butter or milk, and then just the little bit of ham In have left as flavoring, garlic, salt, and pepper.


I do steamed greens beans on the side and put out some fruit. Always a big hit. But I have three boys and well, I think at almost 17, 18.5, & 20 one simply can't go wrong with potatoes!

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Teeny ham biscuits. They were a big (har har) hit the one time I made them. I made the biscuits the day before and froze them unbaked on a cookie sheet. Then I just had to bake and slap ham in them. 


Ham and cheddar scones


Tiny quiches or frittatas

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Yes to bean soup :)


My Mom used to put ham in her scalloped potatoes.   Of course, there's always Quiche.  


My grandma used to make ham salad. (Do people still do that? It was ground ham with mayo, pickle relish, and maybe celery/onions?) You could make ham salad sliders on King's Hawaiian rolls.

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Another ham and pea salad--pasta, peas, drained can of tuna, cucumber pieces, and mayo. It sounds really weird, but it's refreshing and tasty. 


Breakfast muffins (biscuit dough, ham, cheese, and scrambled eggs layered in a muffin cup or tin)



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