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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Either I have developed really bad allergies or I am coming down with a chest cold.  Ugh!


It's Good Friday


To do:

Fast and abstain

Mail off some things


confession at 1:00 (never made it before this)

may or may not stay for Veneration of the Cross 

prep for Passover with Jewish side of family tomorrow and Easter on Sunday

May or may not go to Stations of the Cross in the evening (depends on how I am feeling and how badly I am coughing)..


In spite of coming down with something yesterday, I had a very nice birthday!  Thank you all for your nice wishes!

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Good morning!


•hold down the fort in the office while dh is at client meetings most of the day

•make mammogram appt.

•hay delivery? (hay guy has not gotten back to me, grrr)

•make vet appt. for horses



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Ugh, I have let everything pile up and have so much to do.  I have this sore throat and swollen glands that just will not quit.  My oldest has today and Monday off from school and my younger is already complaining loudly that he has school work to do.




-take youngest to doctor to figure out why his lyme rash hasn't disappeared after 6 weeks of antibiotics

-conduct property inspection for HOA (I am on architectural review committee)

-make side dish for Easter

-text my aunt about Easter plans

-appraiser coming to look at house next week - need to clean out some closets and the garage UGH

-wash oldest's white baseball pants for tournament tomorrow



-get oldest to pitching lesson

-try to make time to work out (YAY!  I actually did this today!!)

-dinner (need to make the prime rib I've had in fridge since Tuesday, sell by date is today so it has to be done)

-oldest to conditioning gym

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Good morning! dd2 is back at school today and the boys and I have a lot to do, school and other work.


To do:

cancel ortho appointment on Monday (dd2 has project due and can't miss)

gas for car and mower

edit ds2's first part of paper

school/planning with ds3

kitchen chores

call dmil re:Easter

ds2 to volunteer

PM practice swim/swim/aikido


Have a great day!


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Morning, all!


Still fighting this cold...finally got antibiotics because apparently I have a sinus infection.  


To do:

ds to dentist 

coffee and reading while waiting for ds

marinate pork roast for dinner

put Easter baskets together




more reading


Have a great day, all!

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I'm sitting in a coffee shop having an almond milk hot chocolate and a gluten free brownie. Ds woke me up before my alarm clock even went off. I knew that he had to go early to take his calculus test at the disabilities office, but not that early. I'm fortifying myself before I drive back home.



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Human care done [emoji736]

Pet care done [emoji736]

Medical care done [emoji736]

Two loads of laundry folded and put away [emoji736]

One load being re washed


Dishwasher unloaded [emoji736]

Dishwasher reloaded and running [emoji736]


Need to hand wash a couple of pans. And my wash needs to be put in the dryer.




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Hi guys.


  • Slept in past 9:30
  • Got some work out
  • Got the kids off to horse riding, worked at horse riding.
  • Gave the kids work, took a nap.
  • Called the doc to schedule my colonoscopy, oh goody ....
  • One kid is outside doing a science project with the neighbor.  Other kid is doing something far less intellectual, I'm sure.  :P
  • I should be working right now but ....
  • Dinner out.
  • I Love Lucy & Bewitched.
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work?
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