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Lone Pine Latin - had to create an account and post - highly recommend!

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I'm new to the board.  I've known about WTM for a long time and browsed here as a guest periodically, but I just had to create an account so I could log in and put a plug here for Lone Pine Latin.


It's a very thorough Latin sequence, Latin 1 through AP.  But the extras are what dd is loving.


She just returned from a four-day Latin convention in Colorado, which Lone Pine offers annually.  It is not mandatory, but she says it was the best four days of her life (which yes, I do hear from time to time about various things, but she "really means it" this time - ha!).  It's part academic and part social.  She loved the social and is determined to go again next year, even if she has to pay for half.


Then, yesterday, we found out her National Latin Exam results - gold medal! - and that 35 of 36 students earned an award, which seems typical based on the Lone Pine records here:  http://lonepineclassical.com/mod/page/view.php?id=7


Anyway, I think she's going to be a "lifer" for this program.  I'm not sure when registration opens for next year, but I would think it's going on now.  Honestly, we chose it based on price and schedule, but I'm glad we found it.


I hope your kids love it too!  


Jenny F.

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My daughter is in Lone Pine Latin 100 this year and loves it. It's an excellent solid language program. The teacher is great and strives to create a close knit community.

I most definitely recommend them. When it came time for NLE, my DD felt fully prepared. So, the results mentioned are no surprise at all.

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My dd did Lone Pine for Latin 2 and really liked it, too. She participated in the Latin convention and enjoyed it. She would have continued, but Lone Pine stretches Latin readings over two years and my dd wanted that condensed into one.


Lone Pine's use of Lingua Latina makes it special and very interesting and engaging. I really like Lingua Latina and it gave my dd an exdtremely solid foundation along with a broad Latin vocabulary. The extras that Lone Pine offers, such as the convention, certamen club and free tutoring are all also real positives.


My only complaint about Lone Pine is that you really have to stay on your toes with the assignments. There are many, many small assignments that may be assigned any day of the week, and then due on different days of the week. We've done lots of outside classes and this was the only one that's been set up like this. I much prefer having a syllabus with all assignments listed ahead or having them released once a week and then all due on one day of the week. For example, my dd always knows all her Spanish homework must be done by 12:00 on Tuesdays.

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