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terracotta warriors exhibit -seattle


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for anyone in the seattle area (or visiting this spring) - it's fabulous. pacsci.org.


It's been 15-20 years since I've seen an exhibit of the terracotta warriors,, and they're close enough again.


more pits, more findings.  musicians.  animals, birds. bureaucrats . . . .

a general map of the site to give a perspective on size -it's 22 square miles.  (mt.li the buried mausoleum is there too.)

I'm glad I did get the audio guide,

they have several activities for kids - stamp, reconstruct a head or shoulder (resin pieces with magnets on the back).  build a warrior - you get arms, legs, lower torso, upper torso and head, all to choose from and put together how you want.  there were some other things. 

they have an imax movie to go with it - different from the one I'd gotten from the library.


and . . . they have an ancient china start show in the planetarium.  I'll have to do that another time as it was only in the late afternoon.


piece of advice - go in the afternoon.  avoid school field trips . .  . .


I'll post pix later if people are interested.  I'm exhausted. . .

I did go to john nielsen's danish pastry in an attempt to fortify myself . . . .(on 2nd ave w just south of mercer.)

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I saw the same exhibit as you when it was touring previously.

they are still excavating those pits - so, there are many more recent items, as well as understanding.


wanted to laugh at the archeologist who was first called in when the item was found.   he thought he'd be there a week.  maybe . . a month or two.. . he was still working there when he retired.  it's been nearly 45 years.

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Saw it in Chicago.


It actually took my breath away.


Me, too! I just happened to be in Chicago last summer and saw a sign advertising the exhibit.


Seeing the Terracotta Warriors has long been one of my 'bucket list' items...but I really have no desire to go to China. Seeing this exhibit was a terrific compromise. :)


It fascinates me that their faces are so unique...

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