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MCT Voyage new edition (2016) vs. old edition (2007)

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My son has finished both the Island and Town MCT series.  Now I'm looking at purchasing the Voyage series.  I noticed on the MCT website that the new edition just came out last year.  Usually I try to purchase used since the MCT curriculum is so pricey.  I emailed them to find out what changes were made between the 2007 and 2016 editions and this was their reply:


Everything was updated.
We changed so many things 
and cleaned up so many errors
that we simply destroyed and recycled the old edition.
We do not recommend their use.



Are any of you familiar with the new and old editions?  Is this really true or just trying to get me to buy new?  Did any of you notice serious errors in the 2007 edition?  I'm really curious about this now.  Thanks for your help!

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Yes, I noticed there were a lot of errors in the editions I used, and most frustrating, they didn't maintain an errata list.  But if you are a grammar goddess, you'll probably notice them yourself and correct as you go.  

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If they made the narrative more compelling, I'd definitely spring for the new edition.  I always thought that Voyage was a big letdown story-wise from Island and Town.


ETA:  I just looked.  The story is the same.  

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