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Spanish 2 (high school) - what grammar is typically covered?

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It seems from my research that high school Spanish 1 typically covers verb tenses through the past tense - in some courses, just the preterit, and in others, both the preterite and imperfect.


I'm wondering what grammar/verb tenses are typically covered in high school Spanish 2? Is there a typical, canonical amount of material that is accepted as Spanish 2?



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I've mostly looked through the scope and sequence of BJU, A Beka, and AO because they are laid out well and easy to understand. Ds is using Breaking the Barrier 1 this year. It does not have enough practice built into the program for us, so I added Visual Link level 1 because I already owned it. 


BtB covers present, preterite, imperfect, progressive, and immediate future using infinitives. I feel that's quite a bit for the the first year looking at those scopes and sequences. My plan is to do half of BtB 1 and half next year. He'll finish out level 1 of VL, and I'll get VL Level 2. It covers 5 tenses of verbs. When he has finished those three things, I'm going to say he's done with Spanish 1 and 2. He will have spent at least 2 years if not a little more on it. He's only trying to get his 2 credits and be done. 



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I agree, we're using BtB also (along with other things) and they cover way more in BtB 1 than any other Spanish 1 syllabus I've seen. BtB 1 seems to cover most of the grammar typically covered in high school Spanish 1 & Spanish 2.


My goal is for dd to do SPAN 2 at the local cc, so that we have verification (for transfer/college admin purposes) that she's completed the foreign language requirement, and if she does transfer to a state school, so that she will have the FL requirement finished. Looking at their SPAN 2 syllabus, it looks like if she masters BtB 1, she'll be more than prepared.  SPAN 2 is the college class they suggest for students who have had two years of high school Spanish. So I think I'm ok. I just wondered if there was a "typical" or "canonical" scope & sequence for Spanish 2 at the high school level.

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I just got the scope and sequence from the online provider Spanish Academy.  In Spanish 2 they cover Lesson themes include stem-changing verbs, irregular verbs, idiomatic negative phrases, preterite irregular verbs including radical verb changes, verb synonyms, and expressions with “vez.â€, “ser,†“estar,†and “haberâ€; direct and indirect objects in sentences; personal “aâ€; prepositions; and intransitive verbs.


I think the answer to your question, though, is that there is not a standard content.  I say this because my dc who just finished Spanish 1 with PAH covered about half of these topics to some degree in Spanish 2. 


Looking at the two providers, I am expecting Spanish Academy to be less in-depth. Perhaps I will be pleasantly surprised.

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Spanish is Fun Level 2

Grammar: New and Review
Negative and Affirmative Expressions
Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns
Direct-Object Pronouns
Indirect-Object Pronouns
Double-Object Pronouns
Pronouns After Prepositions Verbs:
Review Present Tense Regular and Irregular Verbs
Conocer vs. Saber
Stem-Changing Verbs
Reflexive Verbs
Imperfect Tense
Preterito Tense
Verbs with Spelling Changes
Stem-Changing Verbs with Orthographic Changes
Future Tense: Regular and Irregular Verbs
The Conditional Tense
Past Participles
Present Perfect Tense
Present Subjunctive


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