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Postpartum anxiety and depression (and during pregnancy)


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I've mentioned before that I struggled horribly with PPD/A/OCD after my 2nd child. (I think I had undiagnosed PPA after my first but no where near as severe.)


I'm currently 24 wks pregnant with our 3rd and am struggling some already with both anxiety and depression, even on a low dose medication (approved by psych and ped and OB). I'm concerned about rest of pregnancy and also (especially) postpartum.


Suggestions of things I can do now to help? What about postpartum? Stories of encouragement?


I don't post on here too much (though more lately), but read a ton and have found this to be such a lovely supportive and kind group! I'd love your feedback!

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They had me take a really strong St Johns Wort for prenatal depression with #5 and it helped immensely, along with B vitamins. But you absolutely have to check with your doctor. we judged it safe for me.


Interestingly despite the prenatal depression, a somewhat traumatic labor, and postpartum health struggles, I didn't suffer postpartum depression with him as I feared I would.

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I had this for the first time in this last pregnancy. It sucked!


For me, what helped the most were two things, fish oil taken daily (Barlean's Omega swirl), but most of all, getting sunshine every MORNING. Getting it later in the day didn't help at all, had to be the morning Now I've been starting to feel my mood off again so need to do it again. I would go to the park with the dog and kids every  morning for an hour and it really helps. Best wishes. 


Oh, and what also helped was to just lower my expectations. I got an extension on my writing deadline and just set that aside, got paper plates, ordered takeout, etc. I let myself be less than I wanted to be, and that helped too. 

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