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Apologia's Jump In writing program for 6th grade dyslexic?

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I'm debating about whether to try Jump In for a writing program for next year for my DD who is mildly dyslexic, or whether to just continue working on written narrations.  She is not a great writer and seems to have a bit of a trouble thinking of what to write...we have only done written narrations thus far.  Her written narrations are typically about 4 sentences long.  They're usually decent sentences, but definitely not very long.

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Is she physically writing her narrations or using tech? You might see if the output improves with using tech. 


Have you ever looked at Writing Tales? WT2 she could do independently almost. You could just do the co-op lesson once a week with her and assign the rest as homework. WT2 has them outline very thoroughly, and it might help her get to some longer narratives. Also it has creative additions that some kids really like.


Fwiw, I did the writing/journal prompts, just the daily journal prompts, from the Jump In tm one year with my dd, probably around that age, and really liked them! So you could even flex it and use the tm that way if you wanted. They were organized by month, so I printed the pages and put in page protector sleeves. I would definitely have her using tech for this too to see what might happen with her comfort with getting more out.

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Several years ago, I used Jump In in a coop class. I still have parents telling me how much it helped their kids and there was such a range of them.


But I think I like the idea of a year of Writing Tales 2 to bridge into Jump In. We did that progression with one, now that I think about it. I could not repeat that with the next kid because she just hated the look of Writing Tales. That was a sad day for me.


There are really specific things that Writing Tales 2 teaches that would make it a nice bridge between narrations and Jump In. You might want to take a look and see how it fits with what you may have done already and what might be worthwhile to hit.

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