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Say a prayer please.


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If you could say a quick prayer about a situation my dh is trying to address, I'd appreciate it.  It's an issue that has been brewing for a few years.  It's been discussed between the important people involved, but nothing ever gets resolved.  It came to a head tonight for my dh.  I wasn't there, thankfully.


Can't go into much more detail than that.



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Still praying today. I hope everything is working out okay and that your dh is able to resolve the situation.


So far from what I've heard that is not the case.  I'm incredibly sad about it.    I haven't talked with dh since he went to work and there was one more person to hear from.  This person has the most influence but the least amount of back-bone, so I don't hold a lot of hope.


Thanks for your prayers.  

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