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I'm done teaching.....


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Dd finished Physics yesterday.  That was the only course I was still teaching.  She is doing Calculus 1 online.  We finished art in March.  She finished all the other courses before Christmas.  So, I'm done.  Graduation with our co-op is in June.  The graduation committee (which I'm a part) has worked very hard all year to make it a good event. 


It feels odd.  Really odd.  I started homeschool when oldest dd was 3.  K3 with Amber Lamb and Button Bear.  She will be 21 in June.  So, I have homeschooled 17 years. Wow!!!!  I've loved it.  And now it is finished. 

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I understand how you feel! 17 years here too. :) And about to send my second dc off to the Air Force Academy. 


For those of you in the thick of the challenging years (and which ones aren't?!!)...it really does fly by. I remember people saying that to me and wondering about that. In the end, the days sometimes go slowly, but the years tick by quickly. Love em, hug em, enjoy the time you have with them.


And on the other side, it is bittersweet. But I am so glad to have had the opportunity to spend all those days/hours/minutes and years with our children. Never will regret that.


HollyDay, congratulations to you and your family! Enjoy the next stage of your journey.

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Congratulations, Mom, kids, family!  :party:


So, what is next for you?



Wow! Congratulations on finishing the journey. What's next for you?


This is the question.....I should get a part time job.  The extra income would be appreciated.  But, it is okay if I put this off a bit longer.  Dh has been working from home more than usual lately and he has really seen all that I do here.  He has always appreciated all that I do, just never saw it in action for more than a day or two.  It is about a full time job managing insurance, home care (and all that goes with that), bills, etc.  If I work too much out of the home, then it will put a strain on what needs to be done here.  And I want to have my home and family as my priority.  I'm 55.  I want to stay active and involved.  But, I'm also 55.  I'm not a spring chicken anymore. I'm not sure I could manage a barista job or stock clerk type thing.  I know a few retirees who work as bag clerks at local grocery stores.  But, honestly, I don't want to be taking groceries out to cars in 100+ temperatures while wearing jeans or pants (dress codes) this summer. 


Anyone have any suggestions I'm curious!!

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