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Bio recs for these particular kids

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I'm for sure having my 9th and 10th grade dds do Bio together next year.  I've always been leaning towards CK12 with The Home Scientist labs, but I'm agonizing over finalizing that.


Both girls have strong backgrounds in environmental/nature studies.  They've been winning and/or placing in Envirothon competitions for several years now.  One has more formal lab writing experience than the other. Many of the expected units will be a cinch for them.  A few (DNA, maybe cell structures, etc.) will be less familiar.


They're very hands-on, experiential learners.  Texts are a necessary evil to them. (Well, necessary to me and general standards. Evil to them.)


I feel like any text we use is going to be incredibly boring to them, but they'll do endless labs and projects if allowed. 


Any thoughts on whether CK12 sounds like a good option for them, or should I get back to tons of research?

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