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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Happy Birthday, Lynn!




-call plumber

-call doctor for Lyme disease rash that will not go away after 6 weeks of antibiotics

-get dinner in the crockpot (paleo cinnamon chicken)


-exercise (mix of cardio and heavy shoulder weights)


-pick up oldest from school

-oldest to baseball practice


-help oldest edit his school paper (this involves tons of drama)

-research remedial summer writing programs for oldest


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Happy birthday, Lynn!


Pink and Green, I'm sorry about the Lyme rash!



fed cats

breakfast and lunch for dh


some researching on math textbooks because I may teach some math classes next year in my home


To Do:


school with ds

meet with a student I may tutor

take ds to swim


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Good morning!


Lynn, happy birthday!


Pink and Green, I hope the rash goes away soon. Is it definitely a Lyme rash? When my ds had Lyme, the rash faded away pretty quickly after starting antibiotics.


•more laundry

•mop kitchen floor


•get my calendar up to date


•vet appt.

•post office



•get new coffee maker

•order a few things online

•order pasture seed

•dinner: Thai rice bowls

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Good morning! Happy Birthday, Lynn! dd2 has a half day today, so the house is quiet. I think our street is going to be closed today for utility work, but there are no signs up yet. So I guess I am waiting to move my car. 


To do:

daily chores

move rooms around 


make dinner

PM practices swim/swim/judo


That should take most of the day


Have a great day!

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  • Drive kids to school early for math test review.


A little reading, exercise, housework, music?

Take delivery of fridge, washer, dryer.  (3rd try.)

Kids' work (no activities tonight, maybe practice TKD form at home).


Clean critter cage.

Take out the garbage early, so I can go to kids' chapel service tomorrow.


Kids to bed.


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Happy birthday, Lynn!   :hurray:  :hurray:


Late start here today.



update budget

email rental condo papers to owner

ground beef out of freezer



To do:


laundry - wash and fold Dh's, fold mine

walk the dog before it rains?

Amazon order

call stable

order standardized tests

finish putting camping gear away

call mom

make dental appts.


dinner - homemade hamburger helper, salad, whatever veggies I have. 

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Ds to college done.

Dd to academic testing done

Pet care done

Human care done

Medical care done

Supplement order done

DS from college to work done

Dd pickup from academic testing done

Got Rocky's dog food

Took a much needed nap.

Dishwasher unloaded, loaded again and run.


I feel like I haven't gotten much done simply because my mental to-do list was too ambitious.  But for now I'm going to finish cleaning the kitchen and will try to reboot laundry. 

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Well, the appliances are here.  Unfortunately they AGAIN refused to hook up the water pipe to the fridge because they say some connector is missing - they were of course supposed to bring all required parts, we hired a plumber to make the pipe exactly how they said it needed to be, and now they give me this crap.  At least they installed the fridge this time (without the water / ice).  The fridge is significantly smaller than our old one, especially the freezer part.  We have way too much crap in our freezer.  Hopefully this space reduction will make certain people stop buying so much.


The washer & dryer hookup is weird ... the space behind the dryer is way bigger due to the way they cut the vent pipe ... the washer on the right has the door opening on the left, the dryer door opens to the right and reaches all the way to the opposite wall.  It's awkward, but I guess we can get used to it or figure out a way to modify it ....  Oh, and I had to rip off part of the door frame because they couldn't get the dryer out.  Which makes no sense, because how the heck did the dryer get in there in the first place ... but they flatly refused to move it ... what ever ....


The whole business took about 2.5 hours and I finally got back upstairs to work around 5pm.  A client was having a fit because he was waiting for something he considers urgent - I thought my partner was doing it, she thought I was doing it.  I'm supposed to have run upstairs to do it as soon as I got done with the appliance stuff, but since it's after 5 anyway, I'm not going to rush it.  It will get done this evening.

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