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Any great Great Courses on audible?


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I've enjoyed all the ones I've listened to. Here's a few ranked in order of favor:


  1. Dante's Divine Comedy. The lecturers here are fantastic and enthusiastic about their subject. Travel with Dante as he descends into Hell, climbs up through Purgatory and ascends into Heaven. Loved this one!
  2. Great Mythologies of the World. 30+ hours of mythology from Europe, Africa, Asia, Pacific, and Native America. The clapping at the beginning and end of the lectures was a bit annoying, but it was an excellent survey of myth and fables from around the world. You definitely get your monies worth
  3. History of the Ancient World: A Global Perspective. 48 lectures on ancient history in the Mediterranean, Asia, Europe and the Americas
  4. Medical School for Everyone. A bit like House, the doctor presents facts from real life cases and walks you through the ultimate diagnosis.
  5. From Yao to Mao. Great summary of Chinese history, but it felt a bit rushed, as would be expected from covering 5000+ years of history
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