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Auditing a class & transcripts

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Let's say you don't have the funds to enroll your high schooler in a college class or hire a tutor. So you and your kid approach a professor at the local university and ask if your kid can audit a Spanish class. The professor agrees. How would you list this on their transcript? Should it not be listed at all, even if the prof grades their tests and the kid takes several levels of Spanish from them? Just a hypothetical.

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As a homeschool course. The course description can read: "This course followed the syllabus of Spanish 101 at XYZ College with identical assignments and tests."


The professor may well be in violation of college rules by allowing an unregistered student to audit a course. At our school, auditing costs the regular tuition, and instructors are not permitted to let students "just sit in" who are not enrolled.



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... agreeing that most universities charge for auditiing.


How I would list it - Class name with a course description of the class being taken. I would say lectures of Univ. X with identical assignments being done at home (or whatever you do at home).


Basically, I consider you as the administrator of your homeschool class. You are using the resource of lectures and/or assignments of a local class, just as you might use prerecorded lectures in a MOOC course or dvds. You determine how you want to do assignments, tests, etc.

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