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My student currently uses Holt in the context of WTMA's Biology class.  It is therefore somewhat difficult to isolate just the use of the textbook vs. all work for the class.  The Holt textbook is very good but very in-depth.  I certainly think it's more complex than what I used for intro biology years ago.  The time my student spends working for the class tends to vary some (it is more around the times labs, quizzes and tests are due) but is quite high, on the order of 10 hours or so a week.  In the beginning of the course it could be even more.  I hope that helps some!

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It's been a couple years, but at least an hour a day. We used the text, the section review quizzes,the review packet for each chapter & the tests.


Did our own labs.


Did not use any of the online student features- videos, etc. those would've added many hours on top of just the text.

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Thank you both for the feedback.  I have looked through the book but it's hard to tell how long each day it will actually take my DD, and I don't know yet how much of the online stuff we will do.  I'm trying to loosely plan a schedule for next year and it's stressing me out!

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