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When is it time to try Barton?

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About the sensory enrichment plan, I think it would be wise for anyone interested to just come up with their own plan based on their child's needs. While I wouldn't have a problem sharing my work in any other situation, in this case it involves a therapy, and I am not a licensed professional. However, I have shared the PDF which lists the materials used and gives a general idea of the process followed. It should not be too difficult to come up with a plan and fine tune it along the way!

All the best!

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It could be a phonological awareness problem. Here is a free screening test:




My blending page and the sound pictures of sounds vs. syllables on my dyslexia page explain how and why phonological awareness interacts with words and how the letter sounds change when put together.






Many boys need a lot more time to learn the sounds and achieve fluent blending and reading, I have found that it goes faster if you let them use the one page chart on my blending page above to look them up themselves while reading. I also find nonsense words and word lists speed the process, you can do them in fun ways--my phonics concentration game, put the words on cards and run back and forth to get them, make the words yourself from the sound cards, etc.

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If you want to try some OG techniques for cheap as a trial, you can use the OG manual "Recipe for Reading" and add in some nonsense words.  The manual is less than $20, you can use it from a white board and have a complete basic OG program for simple words, workbooks not necessary.  




Nonsense words, free to print with my game:




and more in links 2, 4 of student folder and 6 of teacher folder:





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