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Whew! Got through the wedding! UPDATED with PHOTOS! :)


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I am so happy for you. 


Sounds perfect.



Is this your first grandbaby?




And I have to say she looked remarkably good for being 37+ weeks pregnant, lol.  By this time, I consider myself overdue and I am bordering on cranky. :P

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You have a beautiful family!! Your son-in-law looks SO HAPPY to be married to your lovely daughter, which is, in my book, a fabulous sign of a man who will cherish and love his wife, which is certainly the top of my list for attributes for a son-in-law! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

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LOL, thank you one and all.  I get a kick out of the shot of the two of them because she is prim and proper and he is super enthusiastic - the photo fits them well.


The family shot is funny too - the photographer was my best friend through elementary and I've known her since 2nd grade. If you look at the upper two girls' faces I just know this was right after some kind of booger comment because they were grossed out by it.  She was trying to get them to laugh but Abigail (far left) and Rebecca (one in from far left) both weren't sure whether to smile or be skeptical that it was a joke.  :P


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