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Need help with blanket washing issue


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My daughter's favorite blanket got covered in water and some kind of flame retardant after fire alarm sprinklers went off.


I can't find any information about sprinklers beyond water storage and delivery system. Nothing about "oily" stuff. The oil was how it was described to me.


I have no idea if her blanket is safe to attempt washing and drying at home, or if I should line dry it, use different detergents, etc.


The blanket is not a comforter. It's a really big, fuzzy blanket like you'd see in the Native American stands at a county fair. It's very loved and almost 10 years old.


I'll be picking her blanket up today and have no idea if this will be a big deal or not. If you've got any info, please share!


Thank you! :)

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I *think* I'd wash it several times with whatever detergent you normally use and then very carefully try drying it (low heat, keep a very close eye on it).


But that's my gut feeling with absolutely no knowledge to back it up. I'm thinking sprinklers go off with people still in the home/building so it can't be anything too toxic. And aren't kids' pajamas treated with some sort of flame retardant? Could it be the same thing?


Good luck!

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I would call (or drop by) a local trusted dry cleaner on Monday and get their opinion. They see everything and might have some recommendations.

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