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Do I have to throw out this meat????

ereks mom

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I bought a vacuum sealed beef roast and put it in the refrigerator, intending to cook it this weekend. I thought the "use or freeze by" date was 4-8-17, but it was actually 3-31-17. It has been in the refrigerator since I bought it (never frozen), and the package is still vacuum sealed. Cook it or toss it?

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If you decide to use it, I would give it a really good sear on all sides, especially if you are planning to cook it at lower temp like in a crock pot.  


But, a whole week past date is a pretty long time.  I'd probably do it if the meat otherwise looked/smelled ok (I'd also rinse it really well and probably cook it to well done, such as to shred and add bbq sauce to), but I can't recommend that others do such a risky thing!  LOL

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