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Virtual Housewarming Party!!!


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For those of you who haven't seen, our fellow Hive member pinkmint and her family were able to buy a house after years of hoping and praying! They've been dealing with allergy/asthma and other issues at their current location for quite a while, so this is great news!


Some have expressed interest in throwing a virtual housewarming party for pinkmint and she's going to let us do it (thanks, pinkmint!), so here's how it will work: PM me if you are interested in sending a monetary or material gift. I'll provide you with either her email address, which you can use to send a Paypal gift, or her mailing address if you'd like to send a physical gift. I have a few ideas from her of things they could use, but feel free to be creative. :)  


Congrats, pinkmint! 


:party:  :party:  :party:


p.s. I have a cold and will likely be heading to bed soon, so if you PM me and don't hear back tonight, I'll get back to you first thing in the morning.

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Bumping for the Saturday morning crowd! 


Thank you SO MUCH to all who have PM'ed me. We have quite the party going on!  :hurray:


Thank you, too, to texasmom33, who came up with the virtual party idea, and to Arctic Mama, who was the first to wish she could give pinkmint a housewarming gift. I love our Hive family!

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