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Colleges for evangelical STEM family

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I just want to say that Grove City College has turned out to be a wonderful school for my dd, a freshman. She is studying mechanical engineering. It is a rigorous program but she loves it. She actually didn't even apply here until March of her senior year, but it has been the most perfect fit. She really wanted a truly Christian college, and toured many others, including Messiah, Gordon, Liberty and Wheaton College. She hadn't planned to major in Engineering though, and switched her major in May of her senior year.


She is highly gifted but also gets services through the disability office. They have been incredibly wonderful. She now even has a 4 hour per week job working in that office. She is also a three season athlete, is incredibly busy, but very happy. Here, at this school, is the first place she has made like-minded friends, most of them in engineering.



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This is our approach. I've personally see how individuals with degrees from conservative Christian colleges are discriminated against behind closed doors in hiring decisions. Obviously not every employer is like that, but in my experience working for secular universities and the federal government, I saw it multiple times.


I think that there's some benefit to learning to live one's faith out in a secular academic environment before going out into the workplace. I worked for 15 years in research and then government policy and program management before children. Then I've been an adjunct faculty member and served on college committees for another 19 years. And in every case, the number of evangelical coworkers were very few and far between. The majority of people I've worked with are highly educated and not involved in any kind of faith community. Being able to work with and respect people from a variety of viewpoints while holding your own strong convictions is important.


I don't doubt you and can see this being true. However, I know with absolute certainty that some companies actively seek out students from schools like Grove City College.  And I am not talking about just faith based or politically conservative companies. I am talking about companies that want solid, mature, employees with high ethical standards. Sure, these type of students attend all types of universities. But attending a school like GCC does immediately say something about your character to many employers.


So it is probably a wash. You may be discriminated against for some employers, but also be actively recruited for others.

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