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Quarterly report "form"

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Before I re-invent the wheel, is anyone aware of homeschool friendly quarterly or semester grade "report"? I'm keeping a portfolio of work for each subject each year, but since we work to mastery, I'd like to have something to stick in it that has a way to evaluate or simply document all the other stuff we do that doesn't fit into an A-F grade scale. I do keep separete book list, field trip list, etc, but don't have a good way to record bunny trails and project-y stuff that doesn't fit into a file folder.

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Is this for you or for official records?


We don't report to any agency, but are keeping a portfolio (a two pocket folder, actually) for each subject with each school year going into a small expandable file folder. I figure it's a relatively compact way to back up mom grades if ever needed, and kind of fun for her to look through later (or shred).

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When my kids were with a public charter, their teacher just keep per quarter two work samples each from English, math and science and a sample each from history, music and art. It came in useful for programs that ask for work samples as they take "photo evidence" of work.

Since my kids started taking SAT and ACT in 6th grade, I haven't had a need to give mommy grades. For math circles and math camp applications, the information ask for was books used, classes if any, competitions scores if any.

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I have a form for each kid that asks for:


* classes and workshops

* field trips

* performances attended

* books read (this is a selection, usually, not a comprehensive list)


Then there's a tiny narrative section (1-3 sentences) about each subject. Once I start it for the year, it's really easy to update. So for example, something like...



Mushroom continued to alternate between this textbook and this other textbook. He covered this topic, that topic, that topic, and this other topic.


Social Studies

Mushroom studied the history of this using this book and that book. He went on this field trip. He completed several assignments such as this one.


Finally, there's a page that has a short paragraph about each kid for each of these questions:


* Something to be proud of?

* Something to work on?

* Other important things to note?



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