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"It's not fair you're done with school when ps'ers have to go all day"


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My response is 'its not fair to you as a taxpayer to have so much of the students' time allocated to review that they don't need. Many students would be done three years earlier if they could be placed by instructional need instead of age. But, you elderly know best...'

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One thing I've noticed that homeschoolers do is to throw everything vaguely related to school into the homeschool cost both for time and money.   But, if it were something you'd do anyway I'm not sure that is right.  Yes, dance and tumbling can count as P.E.  But, she'd be doing that anyway.   The excessive number of kid's nonfiction books that I have could count as a homeschooling expense.  That is what I tell myself as I ask DH's help to haul them in from the car.   But, really, I'd buy them anyway, they are books and so cool.  So, when DD is done with seatwork, I call that done with school.   But, to each their own.   DD has a few friends with fathers that insist they send the same amount of time on school as public schools. 


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No, it is not fair that so much time is wasted in ps and the school day for elementary kids is so ridiculously long.


In my home country, publicly schooled 4th graders are done by noon, too.


Your first sentence: This was my initial reaction too. 


Your second sentence: Excellent!


“Who says life is fair, where is that written?†(Couldn't resist.)


When I taught ps and a student would say, "That's not fair!" here is how I would react:


"Not fair? Not fair? LIFE is not fair." *Pause for dramatic effect* "I'm preparing you for LIFE." *Wiping imaginary tears* "I am a better teacher than I thought I was."


/snark (mine, of course, not elroisees)

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