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cool math guy and chalk dust....


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Are they the same?


Am I an idiot or are these websites not super clear.

http://coolmathguy.com/pricing . So I could get pre algebra for a year for $150. It says virtual tutoring is included but I'm not sure if that just means the lessons that we watch or what. Can we call for help if we need? Or email at least?


Then there is this. https://secure.chalkdust.com/ssl/stuform.html

I feel like I read somewhere that the videos are actually the same. But oh so much more expensive here?! And I see two pre algebra options without a lot of clarification on what the differences are.


I think at cool math guy, there are no textbooks or solutions guides. But I could use the videos at cool math guy and then buy the books from Chalkdust, or better yet, used, right?


Does anyone know if it's easy to sync these up? Are there lesson plans or something?

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These are the same, although I think there is more "support" after a chaulkdust purchase. To add to the confusion, if you are at the precalculus and calculus level and up, you can line up videos at larsonprecalculus.com and larsoncalculus.com. These are for the newest texts and have solutions available at calchat.com

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