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(7/8 grade) Kingfisher History Encyclopedia and 3-level outlines?


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Ok, I think I have a good understanding of outlining and how it is taught in WTM.  We have always used Kingfisher as our History Spine.  I don't see, however, that it has enough material to do a 3 level outline. 


We do each paragraph as a roman numeral.  Then we were doing details as capital letters.  It seems like there would need to be ALOT of material for a distinction between 2nd and 3rd level. 


Any suggestions?

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We get 3 level outlines, but not always. She does suggest combining paragraphs into one in WTM for this reason. Outlining the KHE is tough anyway, as the paragraphs are fairly straightforward this happened, then this, then this types with little supporting detail. And the main point of each paragraph is rarely a topic sentence near the top of the paragraph where kids want it to be.  Instead it is more often towards the end after the details lead up to it. 


My kids find finding the topic and creating a sentence that includes the details they want to use challenging enough. If they can't get to a 3 level I don't worry, or I walk them through. With my 7th grader, she isn't ready to outline from it on her own without me. Maybe by the end of 8th grade. My odd did eventually get the hang of it.  

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