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I am looking for a writing curriculum that teaches the mechanics of writing like how to write a paragraph, how to use strong words and how to structure things etc that can pair with the history and science we are doing for a 3rd and 5th grader. It does not need to include spelling or grammar because that is covered already. I feel I could find stuff for copy work or dictation myself. Would IEW work for that or is there anything out there?

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IEW would work. Another good one is Meaningful Composition. It is very religious, but they carry a secular version. I think it's called Write On. I'm not positive. It's sold through Character Ink.


Oh darn, didn't see the part about pairing with history and science. IEW may be better for that. I'm not positive.

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Another vote for IEW.  My two older kids (both dysgraphic) went through IEW-A using dragon dictation and it's been fantastic!  They don't love it, but it gets done and they're learning.  Next year I plan on using a similar method to start outlining paragraphs/pages in their science and history lessons.

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