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Funny intersection of thread topics

Janie Grace

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I have posted about my NPD mom. NPDs are notoriously bad gift givers, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it's because they just aren't empathetic and don't pay attention to what you would like, and sometimes the reasons are more manipulative. I also posted a funny article here about ridiculous plaques/wall art that say "live laugh love "and stuff like that (it was funny, with commentary about each stupid sign). I also posted it on Facebook, which my mother religiously reads.


Guess what my mom just gave me as a gift? You got it. A wall plaque (from Walmart) that says "be still."

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"I'm gonna PROVE that she's wrong. I'm gonna get her some wall art and she's gonna LOVE it OR ELSE"


EXACTLY. Or "I'm gonna set up a situation where I can be offended (my gift isn't displayed in your home?!?!) so that you can feel guilty and grovel."


I'm also a bit suspicious of the "Be Still" exhortation. I'm sure it's linked to some failure to be peaceful in the midst of my busy life.  :001_rolleyes:

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