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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning ladies.  DH is out of town this week (again, and for the next 8 weeks) for work.  Oldest has gone from straight As in high school to several Cs, and I am not quite sure what is going on.  His attitude is concerning as well.  Sigh.



-get oldest to school

-errand on way home for DH

-school with youngest

-workout (weights for back, chest and shoulders)


-library for drop off and pick up

-laundry (sheets and towels)

-straighten up for cleaning people tomorrow

-pick up oldest from school

-get oldest to baseball

-help oldest work next section of paper

-dinner (London broil, noodles, salad)

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Pink and Green Mom, hope your oldest gets out of his school slump!




Figure out food for today

Get 15 yo to class


Get 18 yo to class


Bake cake (today is middle son's 22nd birthday!)

Do some spring cleaning

Read more

Dinner is bow tie pasta with tomato-pine nut sauce, salad, cheesy garlic bread and lemon cake for dessert!


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Morning everyone! More rain today, ugh.


•clean bathrooms

•mop tile floors


•menu plan

•office work

•ride horses (if not pouring rain)

•dinner: fish & chips

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Good morning! Dd2 is off to school, definitely feeling better today. ds1 is better as well, I think, I will check in later. It snowed here, but only a little, very wet and will probably turn to rain if the temps rise. Going to get the boys up and going in a few minutes.


To do:

school with boys

ds2 to aikido


general cleanup/chores

jen things

PM practice swim/swim

drop dish off at my mom's

dh takes ds2 to judo


Have a great day!

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So far today has been better!



- taken kids to park for a long play date/picnic lunch

- went to grocery store

- sent email for our Easter traditions night (I'm having several ladies over to discuss traditions tomorrow night)


Still to do:

- afternoon school

- make dinner

- CM book group tonight

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I don't think that I ever crossed anything off here today:


Human care got done.  This is harder to schedule than you would think

Ds to college

Got Rocky canned dog food.  His appetite is back and he ate an entire can's worth this morning! 

Gassed up the car

School got done

Found a much cheaper price for the Chinese miracle herb that has saved Rocky's life.  Went to small Chinese herbalist and bought it.

DS to work.

Went through the upstairs freezer - threw some stuff out and reorganized.  And figured out what to have for dinner. 

Medical stuff done except that I seem to have misplaced one of my meds.  I won't die without it or anything but I hope I can find it anyway since of course it was prescribed for a reason.

Took care of recycling. 

Had dd work for 20 min. in her room.

Started work on the taxes. 

Graded one thing.  I have to do more though. 

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I am being a bad mother.  My kids have a science test tomorrow.  I told them to read the entire chapter 3 times.  They say they did.  (That was some fast reading.)  I am leaving it at that.


I just can't get myself worked up over it.  I kinda hate their science curriculum anyway.  Besides, I once got a D for my quarter grade in 5th grade science.  Who am I to judge?  :P

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