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Good math review for 8th grade?

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My dd will be in 8th in the fall. She is not a strong math student, in fact we are meeting with a psychologist to do some testing as i think it is more than just normal struggle.


She understands topics during daily work but then can not pass a test. Also has difficulty with mental math. I am thinking it is some form of dyscalculia. 


Anyway, I am looking for ideas for math for her for 8th grade. She has been doing Saxon (the school version), and is in Course 2 this year.  I would like to cement concepts as she is planning to start at our local public high school for 9th grade.


Any help would be great!



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Some materials that I've used and recommend.

Math Mammoths: The Four Operations with a Touch of Algebra.

It's a good review of basic arithmetic and the transition into using algebraic relationships to solve problems.

Key to Algebra

The set of 10 books makes a gentle, but doable algebra course that allows your student to get a grip on the basics of algebra and when/where/how it's done.

Key to Fractions

The set of 4 books gradually and gently guides the student to a mastery of Fractions and how to perform arithmetic on them.

Middle Grades Math Minutes

These 1 page worksheets provide a quick warm-up/review of various skills in the middle school curriculum and allows you to keep a variety of skills fresh without over-extending. It also allows you to glance back and see what concepts she's missing consistently.


Many students struggle with fractions in upper level math so I recommend the Key to Fractions (or any Fraction-focused materials) be done before or concurrently with the early books in Key to Algebra so that by the time that you get to books 5-7 in Key to Algebra, which deal with rational numbers (ie; algebraic fractions) you're not struggling with fraction concepts and you're not rusty from having not done any fractions in a long while.


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