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Help Finding a Kindy Art Series/Drawing Guide

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I'd like to incorporate regular structured/intentional art lessons in our home. Ideally in a dual-approach--art appreciation, but also, drawing/painting as a skill.


When I looked on Rainbow Resource I found 1 2 3 I can draw! by Irene Luxacher and liked that it's it's not a "follow these steps to recreate this picture" type of thing, but rather it's teaching the basic skills of how to draw, but according to the Amazon Reviews it's very brief. Only 7 pictures all together it would seem.


Dover has some simple drawing books that I like but they are more "follow these steps to recreate this simple picture" type books.


Is there anything that is more of a mix between 123 I Can Draw and the Dover Drawing Books? If so, what?


Also, there is a 123 I Can Paint book that I like the looks of, also by Irene Luxacher, but again, there doesn't seem to be anything out there that I could pair it with. I know nothing about art.


What is out there that is accessible for a non-artsy parent and their Ker?

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Do you have any specific videos or channels that you feel would help me, given the scope of my first post?


I would like to avoid tutorials that are "follow step by step to recreate this picture."


I want to be able to learn and teach the guiding principles for drawing. That's why I liked the looks of the 123 I Can Draw book. It seems to show you how to recognize shapes inside of things and to break things down in to shapes and use shapes to construct other images.


"Youtube!" is so broad a resource that it's hard for me to know exactly where to start. I would prefer to be able to purchase something like a book or DVD set, but I have no problem using a YouTube channel that has vidoes that meet my needs. If I could find one. Everything I've seen on YouTube falls in the "step by step to make this picture" type of thing, or the exercises are way to advanced for Newbie parent and a Ker.

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We've been doing and really like it


I've been looking at this over the last few days and I love how it guides through art appreciation skills and techniques. Do you pair it with any other materials? It seems it is a general art/art appreciation type thing and not a drawing curriculum. So do you intend to follow it all the way, or will you eventually branch out to fold in skills (drawing/painting/sculpting) program as well?


I've been looking at the book Drawing With Children, but I'm scared :laugh:. I'm not a skilled artist and would really like something that gives a little more scaffolding to me, at least for a little while so that I can learn the fundamentals.

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