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What does your 15-18 year old's schedule look like?


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DD is 15 and a sophomore in public school:



6:00 Wake up

6:40 Catch the bus to school

3:40 Home from school


Mondays 6:30 - 9:30 Dance

Tuesdays 4:00 - 7:00 Winter Guard

Thursdays 4:00 - 7:00 Winter Guard; 7:30 - 9:30 Dance

Sundays 2:00 - 4:30 Symphony


She has Winter Guard competitions about two Saturdays a month.


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17 year old dd (schedule changes by season and sport)



7:30-2:00 school

2:30-4:30 softball practice, plus Saturdays, games sprinkled in 3x week

homework at least 2 hours most nights, does not count studying for tests

SAT & ACT prep classes 3 hours per week

Peer mentor for confirmation class 3-4 hours per month, youth group 2 hours per month

tries to get 8 hours of sleep per night

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DS22 16to18yo

full time college student with classes like Calculus 3 and Chem 3.

Working 6-10 hours per week at a math/reading center.

Volunteered 10 hours per week.

Actively attended church Wednesday and Sunday. (arrived early and stayed late to help out)






Saturday work 12-6

Sunday work 12-6, homework for her online college class till midnight (turn in time).

Monday High school for 3 hours, then 3 hours in hospital to get medical treatment

Tuesday High school for 3 hours, then 1.5 hours for massage and chiro for chronic pain (therapeutic, not relaxing massage)

Wednesday High school for 3+ hours  (she does most of her high school homework on this day and stays after school to catch up )

Thursday High school for 3+ hours  (she does most of her high school homework on this day and stays after school to catch up ) 

Friday High school for 3 hours, then 3 hours in hospital to get medical treatment



Up until this month she also had cheer practice and games every Monday and Thursday/Friday nights (August until March)


Every once in a while she will switch her weekend work day for a Wednesday or Thursday after noon, just so she can have a full day off, but she doesn't do it very often.  Working after school, increases her fatigue. She has POTSyndrome and suffers from debilitating chronic fatigue.  Thee are many, many days that she can't get out of bed, so she misses a lot of school and sometimes her only outing is the doctor.  She really needs to get 3 treatments a week, but since she already spends at least 7.5 hours at doctors appointments a week, she doesn't want to make that 10.5hr and take away her Wednesday.

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14 year old homeschooled freshman:


School from 8-4, but Tues and Thurs that includes 1.5 hours of Karate lessons.  Twice a week there is about 2 hours of schoolwork after 4:00.  


Works three nights a week from 4-6:30 at McDonalds  (As teacher, I control it so that there is no homework on work nights.)


Works random hours on weekends as scheduled--anywhere from 0 to 9 hours


Makes up schoolwork that wasn't finished during the week on weekends:  anywhere from 0 hours to 4 hours.


Bakes cookies and cupcakes for a homeless shelter for about 4-5 hours a week 


Standing chore of doing all the dishes for the day on Tues, Thurs, and Saturdays.   Other chores are done upon request.  


ETA:  In bed between 9 and 10 every night.  Wakes between 6:30-7.  



ETA:  Whoops.  Just realized it's supposed to be 15-18

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DS is currently 16 almost 17.


8-2:30 schoolwork, walk the dog, etc.


2:30 - 3:30 free time


3:30 - 5:30 student launch homework


5:30_6:15 dinner


Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6:30-8:30/9:00 Rocket team/student launch


Monday mornings - 7-8:00 am French tutoring by Skype


Monday night - free time after supper and doing his laundry


Wednesday 6:30-8:00 pm - Ping Pong and Chess with local friends


Friday 3:30-5:30 - Rocket team homework then family movie night


Saturday 9:30 am - 1:30 pm Rocket team, couple of free hours, then some household chores. Pizza night and then either board games or working more on the student launch/rocket team or on his robotics project.


Sunday morning - church though we do not currently have work church home so some times we just do not feel like visiting. Then we get up late and have homemade brunch. Watch a show together, then he works on his robotics project, sometimes tutors in addition, parsley, and basic for java when he has students. Evening is very laid back when we can manage it.


One Friday night per month is our STEM 4H club meeting so no family movie night. Occasional afternoons at 5 pm he does evening chores at a friend's hobby farm.

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Almost 16 year old freshman at private school.


Wake up 6 am. It takes him a good 15-20 minutes and a cup of coffee to get moving.  Leave for school around 7 am (one of us has to drive him).


School day is from 7:45-3 pm daily.  Home by 3:15-3:25 depending on traffic and car line.


During football season, there is practice from 3-5:30, Monday-Wednesday, with a 3-5 walkthrough on Thursday and a game on Friday (they stay after school and have dinner before the game).


We live in FL so every other season is baseball season.  During that time, son has practice on Tuesday and Thursday either 4-6 or 5-7.  He also goes to a conditioning gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6 until he is done (usually 7-7:15 depending on the day), and Saturday 8 am-9:30 if no baseball game.  He goes to a pitching lesson for half an hour every Friday after school.


Baseball games are doubleheaders Saturday and/or Sunday.  Games Saturday are usually local; games Sunday are travel.


In the summer there is daily Monday-Thursday strength and conditioning commitments for the football team for a few hours in the morning.


His last period of school is a study hall so he usually gets his homework done there.  Occasionally he'll have an assignment he didn't get to to do at home as well as any studying for tests.


I am counting the days until he gets his license (36).

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16 year old boy3


Mon - Thurs: regular homeschool schedule.  Music practice.  Our school days when we are home are typially 8-3.  If he gets done early he reads, watches a documentary, works on programming, etc.

Monday - guitar lesson

Tuesday - voice lesson

Thursday - piano lesson

Friday - homeschool co-op + basic school work (math + Spanish + social studies)

Saturday - 3 hours musical theater/opera singing group

Sat/Sun - music practice + catch up on anything left from during the week


Those are the basics.  He is often rehearsing for a theater production or performing one.  That's usually 5 nights a weeks + weekends when performing.  We often have 2-3 other week day things a month (social event, museum tour, theater tickets with a homeschool group, etc) to fit in.   He has certain chores too he needs to do.


Summer is different, but no less busy.


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DD15 - homeschooled 10th grader.



6:30am - Jazz Band

7:30-10:30am - breakfast and school work

10:30-noon Band Class

Noon-4pm lunch and schoolwork, except Monday's when she has an hour long music lesson first. She is almost always done early on Fridays usually by 1pm)


Monday-Weds evenings: coaching skiing or gym workout.

Tuesday evening - scouts

Thursday evening - game night with DS22 at the college


Homework is pretty rare. She has an essay she is working on this weekend, but that's because she was a vegetable for two days fighting a bad cold. She is mostly able to finish all her normal work during the week.

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My 17 year old gets up at 6:30, leaves the house by 7:30 for his Vo-tech courses and gets home about 11:45.  He does a couple hours of high school work while eating lunch and then leaves for a job at 2:30.  Gets off his job at 5ish.  That is his schedule Mon-Friday.  Tuesday evenings he has religious services at 7ish and goes out for ice cream with friends and usually gets home around 11.  


On the weekends---most Saturdays he leaves the house by 6:45 for volunteer work that usually lasts until 3:00.  Sundays religious sevices 10-12ish and then lunch with friends.  


He works on his high school work whenever he can fit it in.  Last night from 9:30 until midnight...and he will have to work on the rest of what is due this week when he gets home tonight.  He is out with friends.



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17 yo homeschooled



7:00-9:00 breakfast/mass

9:00-10:30 schoolwork

10:30-3:30 DE chemistry (at the community college)

3:30-5:30 school

5:30-7:30 Krav Maga

7:30-8:30 shower/dinner

8:30-9:30 free time

9:30 bed



7:00-8:00 breakfast

8:00-11:00 school

11:00-12:30 Run/PT

12:30-1:30 shower/lunch

1:30-4:30 school

4:30-7:30 Rugby practice

7:30-8:30 shower/dinner

8:30-9:30 free time

9:30 bed



7:00-9:00 breakfast/mass

9:00-10:30 schoolwork

10:30-12:30 DE chemistry (at the community college)

12:30-1:30 lunch

1:30-5:30 schoolwork

5:30-7:00 Krav Maga

7:00-8:30 Boy Scouts

8:30-9:30 free time

9:30 bed



7:00-8:00 breakfast

8:00-9:00 school

9:00-12:30 Co-op

12:30-3:30 Play rehearsal

3:30-4:30 school

4:30-7:30 Rugby practice

7:30-8:30 shower/dinner

8:30-9:30 free time

9:30 bed



7:00-9:00 breakfast/mass

9:00-1:00 schoolwork

1:00-3:00 religion class

3:00-5:00 schoolwork

5:00-6:30 run/PT

6:30-9:30 dinner/free time

9:30 bed


On the weekend he spends 2 hours studying for chemistry, finishes any unfinished work from the week and has a rugby game

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15 year old- (freshman)private school



7:15-leave for school

3:10- head to baseball game or practice

6:45- head home (unless he has the 7pm game)

7:15- dinner/shower

8-10ish- homework



After school we drive 2 hours for 1&1/2 hour baseball lesson

Drive 2 hours home



Baseball work in town - two hours

Some homework- 2 hours

Friends/girlfriend 4-5ish hours



Possibly baseball

Goofing for a few hours

Homework- 2-3 hours


16 year old (sophomore) private school


Up- school -6:15-3:10

Music lesson- 4-5pm

Possible rehearsal 8-10

Homework between and after(except Friday)



6:15am- 3:10- up and at school

After school until 5:30- drama at school

5:30-7- dinner, a little homework

7-10- rehearsal

10 until- homework



9am- 11:30- either rehearsal or music lesson

12-until- free time



9-11-30- homework/music practice

12-1- music lesson

Most of the day is spent on homework/future project/music

(He might watch some tv/ a movie while doing his schoolwork)

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16 yr old junior. Current schedule now that robotics is over for year (robotics took place of science fair time, for the most part)



wake up till noon- school work


1-7 science fair project work ( prepping for Intel ISEF, huge time suck) with group

School work for 1 hour or so



DE classes 9-12

Schoolwork 12:30-2

Science fair group work 2-6

Finish up AM school work



Internship 9-12

Schoolwork till dinner

Dn D club 7-10



DE classes 9-12

4 H stem club 1-3

Science fair 4-8



Internship 9-12

Schoolwork until it's finished for the week


Sat & Sun:

Complete DE assignments due on Mon

Catch up on anything from week that didn't get finished

Try to get ahead on any big projects due later in semester


Ds likes to game online every night once he's done for the day.

His schedule is too full right now, not quite enough for actual schoolwork, between the internship & science fair stuff.

Getting up earlier would help, but he stays up too late for that.

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Dd16 who has already graduated and taking a transition year before college this fall.


8ish wakes up, breakfast

8:30 to 1p works from home (time is flexible)

1p-4p lunch, Bible, Biology, and whatever.

4p-10p dances


Weekends are not much different except right now, during competition season, most weekends are out of town competing.

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My 18 year old has an easy life.


She is in community college. She has classes from 8:00-3:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays. A friend drives her to campus. They usually go out and get food on the way home.


On Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, she gets up whenever she wants. I make her coffe and breakfast on those days. Then she works on homework, Skypes her friends and works on her sewing projects. On Saturdays, she goes out with friends or does more homework and her own laundry.


On Sundays, she gets up and goes to Church with us, but is free from family obligations the rest of the day. She doesn't have chores, but will do anything I ask her to, such as make a salad, take out the trash or feed the dogs, but none of those things are her daily responsibility.


She goes to bed at 9:00 most nights. She has never made below an A. She has good taste in friends. She knows how to cook and clean, she just rarely chooses to do either one without being asked. She will be moving out to attend a 4 year school in the fall, and likely spend the summer with friends. This is the very last of the time we have with her living here. We don't make many demands.

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3 dual enrollment classes, other classes at home and online, babysitting, pet sitting, ballet, other performance obligations vary (currently choreographing a variety show), choir, church


MWF starts with class at 8am.  Schoolwork, another class, then on Mondays ballet from 5:30 to about 8.

T begins at 9 with babysitting until about 11:30, then directly to class. Schoolwork, ballet from 4:30 to 7:30

Th classes are  from 10-1:15, ballet from 4:30 to 6, other schoolwork in between.

Wednesday afternoon/evening is usually socializing in the form of going to a coffee shop with a friend to do homework

Choir is Sunday afternoon.  Sunday evenings are prepping homework for Monday classes.


Pet sitting and other babysitting depend on what the neighbors schedule.  

I'm really vague on what the rehearsal schedule is for the current show -- it'll be over in another month, by which time some other show will be happening.  We have entered the blessed land of "has a license and can drive herself", so I no longer have to stress out quite so much about keeping track.

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Ds (newly 16), 10th grade


Tue-Fri:  a few hours of homeschooling on his own (Khan Academy, SAT prep stuff, and a bunch of 10th-12th grade books in all major subjects)

Mon: a few hours of homeschooling with me (mostly math, science, history, and test prep) and/or some outing 

Mon, Wed, & Fri:  Muay Thai boxing 75-minute classes

Sat:  30-minute drum lesson


No schoolwork on the weekends for us.

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DD 17 gets up at 5:30 Mon thru Fri to catch the bus. I pick her up from the golf course from golf practice at 5 PM then we drive home for 40 min (unless we have other errands which would add an hour to that) Then dd does homework and goes to bed. 


Saturdays she gets to be a teen.


Sundays she gets up at 7:00 to work at 8:00 and works until 3:00 and then makes sure she is all taken care of before bed.

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Mine is not standard. He is a 16 yo junior.


MWF wake @ 8:30, de classes 11-3. He does some school from wake up until class and a little on the hour break he has.

T/Th wake up at 8:30. Work 11-4 or 11-8.

Sat work 9:30-3:00 or 4:00.

Sun church, socialize

He is taking three de classes plus two at home. Doing well in de. Work not great on the home classes. He will work in the evenings some as necessary. But most evenings are spent playing pick up/intramural sports, going to the gym, playing video games, texting/FaceTime.


It isn't what I would have dreamed for his high school experience but honestly it is ok for him. I would have preferred more academic dedication but it just isn't his focus. We moved mid high school and his organized sports opportunities disappeared as well as a couple clubs and a co-op. The job is actually great for him and as good a way for him to spend his spare time as any.


So...he does not have a packed schedule. He also does not have goals of an elite college or special program. He is very pragmatic and likes to do only what is necessary. He is actually a kid that is smart enough to slide by without a ton of effort.


I see many good qualities in him and think he will do fine in college and be a great adult. But he does not have packed stressful high school schedule. And he does what work he has for his de classes very quickly.

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ds1 is 16, about to be 17. He is a junior in public high school and takes honors/AP classes.  He is also a ballet dancer with our local company


So, M-F

walk to school by 8:30.

School 9-3:35pm.

Ballet 4-6:45 or so. That is usually followed by a rehearsal or extra classes, so some nights home at 6:45 and some nights home at 8:30, or somewhere in between.

Couple hours of homework and instrument practice: Pre-calc, physics, AP LA, APUSH, Spanish,Latin, and guitar. This year, he has 1 study hall during the day so some homework is saved for that time so he can get to bed by 10:30-11.


Saturdays: ballet 10am-2:30 class generally followed by rehearsals until about 4 or 4:30, but he might be home at 2:30

Saturday evening might be homework or might be hanging out with friends. Instrument practice happens, laundry will also happen, lol

Sunday church, band rehearsal on Sunday afternoon, finishing homework and laundry.

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17yo gets up on weekdays around 6a.m. He feeds and waters dogs, packs lunch, eats breakfast, then relaxes before walking down to the school bus at 7:25.

He gets home around 3:35. He has a snack and looks at youtube for a few minutes before walking each of the three dogs (about 1km each). He does any extra chores or tasks asked, then relaxes before dinner, often by riding his mountain bike, dirt bike or snowmobile. After dinner, he feeds and waters dogs again, then he either does homework (not very demanding school, he is fairly productive in class, maybe twice per week this year), practices his banjo, or finds something on netflix. A lot of his viewing relates to self-education.


His summer job won't start until June, probably.

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