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UGH, party on a Sunday night


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I hate going out on Sunday nights.  I was fine with it before I went back to work, but now Sunday nights are sacred.


Tonight is a birthday party that starts at 5:30pm about 20 min. away.  That means most people will get there between 6-6:30.  


I plan to show up at 6 and leave by 7pm, sneaking out so I don't get the "Oh, we haven't cut the cake yet." or "Wait until she opens your gift."  None of which may happen for an additional hour or so after they say it to me.


I really don't even want to go.


that is all.



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Do you have to go? I can understand wanting to be home early on Sunday evening and getting ready for the work week/resting. 


:iagree: That said, if this is an event you RSVPed for already rather than a drop in if you can event, I would go anyway.  But if having a quiet Sunday evening is important to your sanity, I would not accept other invites for Sunday evening or I would measure them very carefully before I did.  An invitation isn't a summons.  You don't have to go. 

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