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Recommendations for beginning Latin at 8th/9th grade

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Can anyone suggest programs that would be good for those starting Latin at the 8th-9th grade level? I want something we can use for two years starting in 8th grade to be put on the high school transcript. So a high school level Latin program that starts at the beginning assuming no earlier foreign language.


I am looking for high school level, but not the most rigorous program. I am not sure how well this will go and doing ASL as a foreign language in high school instead is a definite possibility. I thought we would give Latin a try in 8th to see if it is a possibility. Recommendations?

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Latin Alive w/videos from Classical Academic Press.


I believe they also have an online class.


Lukeion Online - Although this may be more rigorous than you are looking for.

My son started Latin Alive with Elizabeth Thomas at the beginning of this past year (9th). What I really like is she offers a Latin Alive 1A for one year (half the book for a slower pace) for.5 credit.

Next year, he'll take 1B for another .5 credit and finish LA1.


The following year, he'll take Latin Alive II with her for 1 full credit.


So, three years for 2 credits. He prefers to go slower and I'm glad this option is available because anything faster would have been a disaster.


She was at Landry, now she's at Big River Academy.

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We really love Lone Pine Classical School.


Twice a week live online classes. Excellent teacher. The book they are using is Lingva Latina. Their pace is brisk but classes are fun and with a lot of student participation and my DD felt completely prepared for the NLE..  


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I think Latin Alive would be a good option too. LA takes three years to cover the grammar whereas Lukion does it in two. However, the third year introduces poetry which is a nice addition. Another online possibility is Wilson Hill. You can expect vocab memory work each week, some memorization of grammar and a translation assignment. The work load is quite reasonable but my ds has also learned a great deal.

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