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Jurgensen's Geometry plus Thinkwell?

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I would like to try to teach dd Geometry by using Jurgensen's Geometry text. (I researched the online classes that use this book, but the times do not fit our schedule since we need some thing in the evening.) DD usually does better if she watches a video, and I explain the material afterwards. Also I might not be able to teach a lesson almost half of the time. So, I'm looking for videos that she can watch with each lesson.


Does anyone have any experience or thoughts as to whether the video on Thinkwell will match well up well? Thanks!


(Homeschoolbuyersco-op.org has a discount purchase deal that is 45% off now, that's why I'm thinking about this combo.)

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Thanks pinelement! I've looked into Wilson Hill Academy, as it has many good reviews here on the hive. We live in Asia right now, so, we'll need something in the early morning EST.


Although I would really like to have dd take a class, she's not really liking the idea. I've planned for her to take an online Chemistry class. And since it will be her first one, she feels that it would be too stressful for her to have to follow the pace of a second online class. (She would prefer to be doing math at her own pace. This year, in doing Algebra, there were some topics that she needed more time to master.)


Docmom, I picked Jurgensen's because it does ask the student to write proofs, and folks on the hive seem to like it. The layout and writing are straight forward and clear. I I've considered Jacob's also. We have the Jacob's Algebra text.  Dd thinks Jacob's is too wordy for her.


We're using AoPS Intro Algebra right now. Though dd can work through it okay, she's not into math like her older sib. Older sib took AoPS Geometry course online. And dd thinks it would be too fast for her. And she would like to use something other than AoPS for her next math course.

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