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Gallbladder troubles


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I don't know if this is in the right spot as far as section. But here it goes. I started having heartburn in September 2016 and I was on anti heartburn medication for it. I was doing well and I moved in October, so in this new state I got a doctor and he referred me to a gastroentrologist who is very nice. I got to tell him about ny symptoms. My symptoms I had were orange stools, heartburn, and general stomach pain after eating. He got me in for a biopsy and they took biopsies of my esophagus, stomach, and large intestine, and took out a benign polyp. They found that my stomach was angry and irritated but everything else was good. Then he got me in for a CT scan and they found that my gallbladder took forever to show up and was not pumping well at all under stimulents. Then I went to my gastroentrologist and he told me he saw that my gallbladder was nit functioning really well and had stones and he told me that ge had all the evidence he needed to get me to get a gallbladder removal surgery and also that my liver was fatty. I went into the suregon today and I told him bad gallbladders seem to run in the family and all my relatives that had to have theirs removed, my symptoms, diarrhea, gas, stomach pain after eating, and occasional heartburn. He told me he would not do the surgery since it sounded like a liver problem and that I had a high level of fat in it. He told me that I had a healthy gallbladder that had no issues, which made me livid. It is failing to function and is filled with stones. It should be removed and my gastroentrologidt even heavily aggrees with me to remove it. Is it wrong to have it removed if it is filled with stones and failing to function? I'm just really upset since I had my gastroentrologist tell me my symptoms are from my gallbladder, yet the suregon denies it and all the evidence that it needs to be removed. I'm so upset and mad.

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Welcome to the forum! Do you homeschool your children?


If the surgeon fears you have a liver problem, it could make removal of the gall bladder too dangerous. Did he recommend that you see a hepatologist to diagnose your liver issue? Has your gastroenterologist consulted with the surgeon you visited?

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