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Class sizes advice needed

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I think it depends a great deal. When you're talking about a school classroom, that's one thing, but a co-op type class? Teachers are so different and handle things so differently. Some have parents helping which can make a difference. Unless there was a really clear ratio that seemed really out of whack - like one teacher with no help in a room of thirty kids - then I don't think I'd decide based much on this. I'd choose a class based on the reputation and reviews, as well as the community. And for elementary school, it would be as much about social stuff as academics, so I'd be choosing based on that.

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I can tell you that when I teach my classes at co-op, I preferred to limit my class to 12. It's weird, but when I let it be 13...it was harder for me to manage the class. 12 was always small enough to interact with each student. It was also small enough that I could make sure each child got to participate and not just observe. I'm currently teaching my 5th class.


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Totally just ME, and from the perspective of teaching:


The once-a-week hands-on science co-op class I ran (one for grades 1-3 and one for grades 4-6) worked best with 10-12 students. The older group had 16 students, and it was too many. The younger group had 12 students, and it was ideal. I had 2 parent helpers in each class to assist with the hands-on.


I've also found that the Lit. & Comp. classes I run for middle and high school students work best with 8-12 students, with 10 being ideal. Discussion is best with 8-10 students -- more than 10 students and group dynamics take over and the introverts/shy people shut down and I have to work super hard to get more than the handful of "regular talkers" to participate. Also, for grading essays, more than 10-12 just starts making me feel overwhelmed...

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