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Learning math facts


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We printed out the free Thinkin' Logs from The Toymaker.  It's like paper Lincoln Logs with multiplication facts written on each one.  You know the fact, you get it to build with.  The goal in our house was to make a huge, arm long tower. 


We also played multiplication war, taking the J,Q, and Ks out of a deck of cards and using the ace-ten set.  Each player sets down a card and the first one to call out the product gets them both. 


We really didn't do a whole lot by the time we got to multiplication.  Most of how he remembered was through his daily math work - we played the games for a few minutes here and there to change it up some.

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We use dadsworksheets.com . I printed off all of the addition and subtraction drill pages A - Z and I set the timer for 1 minute each day. They use a page protector and dry erase marker so they can reuse the sheets. But to move on to the next level they have to get all 40 problems done in 60 seconds. They love it and love to try to beat their previous score. It has worked best for us.


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