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Looking for answers!! My 13 month old little girl has been experiencing fever for 6 days. This morning it is down some. She has a history of incomplete Kawasaki disease. Almost exactly two months ago from this episode to be exact. Same as with this time fever with no other symptoms. This time it was much higher I might Add. With the Kawasaki she was treated with a immunoglobulin iv and after 24 hours fever cleared up and she was back to herself. She did have some swelling In her left anterior and left main arterys in her heart but have since went back to normal. We were admitted into lebonheur children's hospital Monday praying for answers hoping it wasn't trying to come back and they searched for absolutely anything they could find all tests came back normal. They don't think it is recurrent Kawasaki. They sent us home to "wait and see" I am just dumbfounded as to what it could be . Has anyone ever had a baby with recurrent Kawasaki disease or anything else like this??

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So sorry your baby is sick. Consider reposting this question on the chat board, and you will have a lot more people reading your post.

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